March 2016, Benin, Africa
The Doctor Mariagrazia Moio during the 19 humanitarian mission on behalf of poor people in rural areas of the Republic of Benin , West Africa . In this photo with some of the mothers of the children you have surgery for correcting deformities of cleft lip and palate . In Africa malformed children are excluded from society and often abandoned by their families to causes of popular beliefs which see the malformation a sort of curse . The role of plastic surgery in these countries is essential not only to cure the disease but also to restore social dignity to young patients.

March 2016, Dallas, Texas, USA
The Doctor Mariagrazia Moio with the famous American surgeon Sherrell Aston , the author of some of the most important texts of the world aesthetic and Director of the Plastic Surgery Department of the prestigious hospital Plastic surgery Eye , Ear and Throat in Manhattan , New York . Together during the 19th Symposium of Aesthetic Surgery International of Dallas , one of the most important international meeting for the continuous updating and more present in Plastic Surgery.

In June 2015, São Paulo, Brazil
Dr. Mariagrazia Moio with the great master of the Brazilian Plastic Surgery, Professor Ivo Pitanguy, in the course of your participation in the meeting of the Society of Plastic Surgery Paulista in Sao Paulo, which was attended by some of the most eminent specialists worldwide.

April 2015, Hopital de la Croix, Benin, Africa
Humanitarian mission during which Dr. Moio has lent his service as a Plastic Surgeon in the context of the team formed by members of the "Smile Konou Konou Africa NPO". Be doctors is primarily a mission that must be carried out with passion and selflessness. The doctor has a great opportunity to help with his profession that at no time to be confused with an activity such as "commercial". Africa needs doctors brave and motivated that they can offer their work to the needy by alleviating their sufferings and giving him a smile. Anyone can contribute to the solidarity of the race that every year, thanks to the 'Association "Smile Konou Konou Africa NPO" port in Africa human and material resources to cure the sick, build schools, wells and orphanages. Visit www.sorridiafrica.org and participate with us to support this great charity project.

November 2014, Miami, Florida, USA
Dr. Moio with the famous American colleague, Dr. Roger Kouri, visited the Miami Breast Center to explore the techniques of breast reconstruction and aesthetic remodeling of the breast with the use of lipofilling. Lipofilling is a modern technique and safe, made famous by the work of Dr. Kouri with excellent results thanks to the use of the right lubricant for filling or creating volumes breast. In oncology this technique has shown great security and reliability allowing to reconstruct a breast after mastectomy or quadrantectomy harmonious and natural in a little invasive. In the aesthetic field lipofilling it is becoming increasingly popular in the US than in the rest of the world because it allows for an increase in volume without the need for implants with a procedure the most frequently outpatient. From the United States to Italy, the pursuit of excellence and modernity represents for us a professional duty to offer patients the best possible treatment options.

Settember 2014, São Paulo, Brazil
Dr. Moio among members of the "Nucleus of Plastic Avancada" directed by the famous Professor Vera Cardim, Brazilian plastic surgeon, under the project "Face to Faces". During the years of his stay in Brazil, Dr. Mojo has had the opportunity to work with this distinguished group that deals with craniofacial malformations rare at the hospital most of Latin America, the Beneficência Portuguesa Hospital of São Paulo. You can learn about and support the Association "FACE" founded by Professor Cardim visiting www.facebrasil.org.br to support research for the treatment of rare congenital facial deformities.

2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
During his international training Dr. Mojo has got to work with the group led by Professor Carlos Del Pino Roxo at the Hospital Andaraí Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Center of excellence reference for surgeons from all over the world, this group is distinguished by its great experience in both plastic surgery and aesthetic, as well as the post-bariatric surgery. Professor Roxo is one of the leading experts in Latin America in the field of surgery and post-bariatric body contouring having described numerous innovative techniques and revolutionary. The Brazilian experience is a great asset in the professional background of Dr. Mojo having allowed her to develop a vision of beauty to 360 degrees and a surgical approach all aimed at maximizing risultsti and minimize risks and discomfort for the patient.