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The professional philosophy of Dr. Mariagrazia Mojo aims to promote the beauty and well-being of mind and body through a comprehensive and consistent with the definition of "Health" proposal from ' World Health Organization. The Plastic Surgery cosmetic and reconstructive is practiced for the correction of cosmetic defects, deformities and birth, in order to flourish and promote inner beauty often distressed by the limitations that mother nature or life events can produce on his body. The mission of the plastic surgeon is to make the patient better self-esteem and acceptance of recovering a body image if adapted to their expectations.

Dr. Mojo operates in the specialized reconstructive surgery and aesthetics through a modern approach, innovative and scientifically rigorous while allowing the patient to feel at the center of a process of change and improvement in their mental health -Physics entering a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. The main purpose of this approach is to achieve the best results by offering information totally transparent about the objectives to be achieved, the technical standards used and the security protocols implemented. The main objective is to achieve a beauty always harmonic and especially natural , away from the distorted concept of cosmetic surgery that often we are used by newspapers and television. A large and continuous experience in the International accompanied by a strong push in search of the ' excellence , an incessant interest in scientific and a strong dynamic staff led Dr. Mojo to develop a vision of the plastic surgery that integrates the best available treatment options to offer patients the best expertise available at present.

Great attention is paid to the structures and technologies used in terms of quality and comfort taking care personally in detail all phases surgical experience. The patient is followed meticulously and oriented in the visits pre-operative, in the choice of the type of intervention best suited to solve harmonically its problematic, in the preparation of the surgical treatment, in the time of permanence in the healthcare facility, in the controls and in the post-operators follow-up in the long term by establishing a relationship of mutual empathy so reassuring and comfortable to make the whole experience positive.

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