Intimate surgeryā€¸

INTERVENTION: Intima Surgery
SHELTER: outpatient
Local anesthesia
PAIN: negligible

POST-operative: hygiene care and topical therapy application for 7 days

The aesthetics care of genitals and today in constant increase Even in Our Country SIA for women What to humans. Frequently, in fact, the appearance of the genitals, a cause of congenital factors, the passage of time or simply for Reasons Related to Pregnancy and childbirth, no corresponding portion to the Wish of the woman or of man, thus generating feelings of frustration and mistrust . An unevenness of their private parts CAN often negatively affect Especially under the Sexual Sphere.

CHOOSE to improve the aesthetics of the genitals means eliminating the embarrassment That SOME Defects cause In the Report life.

The plastic surgeon can intervene to correct the aesthetics of the genitals and rejuvenate the entire pubic region and pelvis. Followed by a description of the More Actions Required:

Labioplasty: reshaping of the labia minora How often have elongated and falling significantly compromising the external appearance of the vagina, and also by limiting the use of tight clothing.

Perineoplastica: Rejuvenation of the perineal area What constitutes the floor of the pelvic region and the passage between the genital and anal area Region.

Increased labia majora: The more outside of the vagina, often with Switch to time becomes atrophic and presents an appearance emptied and shriveled. Return to a swelling challenge to the genital region you may realize a volume increase of the labia majora What generally uses the injection of own fat with a filler and invigorating effect.

Liposculpture of the pubic bone: Reduction of excess adiposity the mound, from the pubic area and eventually from the labia majora. Also in humans this technique can dare great benefits Why Increase the apparent length of the penis.

Lipofilling of the penis or of the internal vaginal canal: this intervention optimizes the size of the genital organs guaranteeing a remarkable improvement in the sphere Sexual SIA for man and for the woman.