INTERVENTION: malaroplasty
DURATION: 45-60 Min.
PAIN: small annoyances TEMPORARY

Cheekbone is at the center of the face. Abnormality, congenital or acquired which results in an impairment of this structure can adversely affect the appearance of the entire oval compromising the balance of shapes and volumes and then the entire facial aesthetics.

The malaroplasty is the intervention that allows to reshape the zygomatic region to create or reconstruct a missing volume harmonizing facial features in proportion to other facilities. This intervention requires a preliminary study of the face, need to assess the extent of the problem, the patient's expectations, the type, shape and size of the plant to which to appeal. The prostheses commonly used are those of silicone, structurally similar to breast implants. However, more recent introduction is the Medpor, porous polyethylene, a material with bone-like consistency that allows for extremely natural results and reduce the risk of adverse reactions to silicone implants.

The shape and size of the plant obviously are not standardized, but established by the surgeon according to the type of intervention, the subjective characteristics of the patient and results to be achieved.

In the immediate post-operative you may feel a slight discomfort well controlled by drug therapy. And 'normal also notice a variable degree of edema, destined to be reabsorbed spontaneously within a few days. The presence of the prosthesis will not interfere in any way with the function of mimic muscles and will not alter the capacity of movement of the mouth and cheekbones.