The treatment with pulsed light technology (IPL) is indicated for hair removal progressively definitive because it affects the hair bulb at the stage of hair growth (anagen) and determines the fall. You can treat all areas of the body affected by the growth of unwanted hair, both in women as in men. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the amount of light energy absorbed by the melanin, which is the substance which gives the dark color to the hair. The wavelength of the light adapts to the melanin content of the hair and surrounding tissues. The pulsed light is selectively distributed to the hair follicle without damaging the epidermis. Once destroyed, the hair and her hair follicle are eliminated through a physiological process with the result of a long-term hair removal. The number of sessions varies from 5 to 8, with time intervals of a month for the first 2 sessions and about 2 months for the subsequent. With this protocol generally you get a permanent hair removal of 99% of the treated area. Recommended are one, two booster sessions every year. At the time of sitting the hairs must be visible and must have a length of at least 2 millimeters. Before treatment is recommended not to expose themselves to sunlight-Long or UV lamps so that the skin at the time of treatment appears tanned and there is a risk that the light also affects the epidermal melanin causing sunburn. The treatment causes a mild sensation of warmth or burning in the most sensitive but is generally very well tolerated. If pain you can apply an anesthetic cream to remove any nuisance. The results are always satisfactory from the first session. After each session usually clears 10-20% of hairs present. The hairs that remain, however, will have a slower regrowth and will appear progressively more and more subtle. The extent of the results will depend upon a number of factors such as the color of hair and skin as well as the same number of hairs and their texture.