The chemical peelings are used to treat fine wrinkles and stains caused by age, repeated aggression sunlight or by hereditary factors, as well as scars, stretch marks and results of acne. These substances help to improve the appearance of skin smoothing and biologically stimulating cell renewal of the epidermis. The treatment involves the application by the medical, chemical solutions that lead, in the following days, exfoliation of the upper layers of the skin (skin surface), the more pronounced depending on the type of chemical used; it is possible to obtain different degrees of depth of action, depending on the individual needs, using different substances applied also in combination or in sequence that can get to affect, if necessary, also the dermis.

After treatment, the skin will be new and regenerated and appears more smooth, soft, radiant and relaxed. Good results are also on some types of active acne and often are unable to well-modulate the excessive sebum production of certain types of skin. With some types of peelings you can improve, reaching sometimes to the total elimination, the skin pigmentation caused by sun exposure, from inflammatory processes, use of certain medications, hormonal certain situations and the presence of particular hormonal paintings (chloasma gravidarum). With the combined use of other techniques, for example, the bio-stimulation, or infiltration of fillers, one can achieve a degree of actual skin rejuvenation, to be modulated according to the specific needs of each patient.

The peeling is applied on the skin cleansed and degreased with special brushes and left to work for a short period until the desired depth of action. At the end of the peeling action of the chemical it is inactivated using special products that stop the action (buffer acid) and the treated area is rinsed with warm water to remove any remaining acid. After the treatment it is normal to observe a moderate redness of the skin (erythema), which can also be important in case one is looking for a considerable depth of action (frequent in the use of the TCA). After peeling applies a soothing cream and moisturizer that is used to restore the skin physiology.

Superficial peelings envisage in the next few days, the presence of a slight erythema with moderate exfoliation of type "furfuraceo" that will last from the second to fourth day or so, absolutely compatible with the performance of normal daily activities. Peelings, medium-deep may instead cause a brown discoloration of the skin, followed by exfoliation important that may continue for about 10 days letting appear, at the end, a cute completely renewed and smoothed. In any case it is important to the proper management by the patient of the post-peeling, with use of creams strongly moisturizers and sunscreens in cream to be applied several times a day, to avoid the formation of unsightly cutaneous pigmentations, being the skin more delicate and the skin surface very small.