The Mojo Doctor on 03.04.17 was the first woman surgeon in Italy to be implanted in a patient's new breast implants B-lite . These implants, marketed by an Israeli company but manufactured in Germany, are designed for about three years but are marketed in Italy a few months ago. Very few surgeons can be said to have used until now in Italy. The Mojo Doctor has been chosen by the B-lite to be the first woman to use them. The real revolution of these prostheses is that are 30% lighter of their volume, and then, weighing less equal size, are less subject to the force of gravity that attracts all the bodies down in proportion to their weight. With the prosthesis B-lite therefore, the patients will experience greater comfort associated with less weight and breast tend to decline less over the years. The biggest advantage of these prostheses is detected in cases where the prosthesis choices are very bulky or mastopexy, interventions in which the breast must be pulled on over that filled. The lower weight of the prosthesis B-lite is due to their particular filling with medical silicone with the addition of borosilicate glass microspheres. These implants use a technology developed by NASA, also used to make the "face coating material" of the Shuttle. Technology and innovation at the service of medicine and surgery are the highest guarantee of safety and efficiency and help improve each day the services offered to patients. For more information follow us or book a visit at one of Our centers throughout Italy.

Intimate surgery.
INTERVENTION: Intima Surgery
SHELTER: outpatient
Local anesthesia
PAIN: negligible

POST-operative: hygiene care and topical therapy application for 7 days

The aesthetics care of genitals and today in constant increase Even in Our Country SIA for women What to humans. Frequently, in fact, the appearance of the genitals, a cause of congenital factors, the passage of time or simply for Reasons Related to Pregnancy and childbirth, no corresponding portion to the Wish of the woman or of man, thus generating feelings of frustration and mistrust . An unevenness of their private parts CAN often negatively affect Especially under the Sexual Sphere.

CHOOSE to improve the aesthetics of the genitals means eliminating the embarrassment That SOME Defects cause In the Report life.

The plastic surgeon can intervene to correct the aesthetics of the genitals and rejuvenate the entire pubic region and pelvis. Followed by a description of the More Actions Required:

Labioplasty: reshaping of the labia minora How often have elongated and falling significantly compromising the external appearance of the vagina, and also by limiting the use of tight clothing.

Perineoplastica: Rejuvenation of the perineal area What constitutes the floor of the pelvic region and the passage between the genital and anal area Region.

Increased labia majora: The more outside of the vagina, often with Switch to time becomes atrophic and presents an appearance emptied and shriveled. Return to a swelling challenge to the genital region you may realize a volume increase of the labia majora What generally uses the injection of own fat with a filler and invigorating effect.

Liposculpture of the pubic bone: Reduction of excess adiposity the mound, from the pubic area and eventually from the labia majora. Also in humans this technique can dare great benefits Why Increase the apparent length of the penis.

Lipofilling of the penis or of the internal vaginal canal: this intervention optimizes the size of the genital organs guaranteeing a remarkable improvement in the sphere Sexual SIA for man and for the woman.

Course on the use of new technologies in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.
The Moio Doctor held at the Academy School of Practical Aesthetic Medicine ( ASPEM ) of Milan , a course on the use of new technologies in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine for the treatment of stretch marks , acne scars and facial rejuvenation and of the body. The use of technology is today a key weapon in the hands of the surgeon because it allows to treat many blemishes in a safe, efficient and unobtrusive . The Mojo Doctor is considered among Italians and European experts of ELOS technology and eTwo of Syneron Candela system which plays a role of constant research and teaching in different countries of the world . Soon your results will be presented to Syneron World Academy of Marbella and the world congress ISAPS ( International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ) in Kyoto , Japan. These modern technologies are available at your studies.

Breast augmentation : how to choose the right dentures ? The "test with external sizers".
The breast augmentation surgery requires the use of breast implants that may be of variable shape and volume depending on the physical characteristics and expectations of the patient, so as to achieve a balanced and proportionate breast. However, those approaches to this type of intervention does not always have a clear idea of ​​what to expect and the most suitable type of result to its initial condition. The role of the surgeon in the preoperative visits is essential to better understand the wishes of the patient and knowledgeable guide in choosing the right dentures who can make her happy. Of form, the prostheses are divided into: round, anatomic or drop and the latest ergonomic (Motiva). The most suitable depends mainly on the shape of the starting gland and the type of effect to be obtained on the filling of the upper pole and the lower pole of the breast. A round implant helps fill better Pumps at the top; an anatomical prosthesis gives more volume lower. The ergonomic is the ideal compromise between the two by combining the characteristics of both, but without the risks that rotation of the anatomical may have, especially in sports patients. Regarding the volume of the prosthesis, it is essential that the choice is very clear and firm before entering the operating room so as to maximize surgical times and reduce the invasiveness of surgery. To help patients choose the most appropriate volume, we use a test provided by Allergan, a global leader in the field of breast implants, which through the use of external sizers of different sizes, allows you to show a preview of the patient what kind of results you You can get. The sizers may be worn, at the bottom of a bra and a thin tank top that are part of the kit. They are generally carried out various tests to find the best resolution for your body size. The patient, looking in the mirror, can have a clear idea of ​​what should be expected after surgery and begin already used to the idea of ​​the "new breasts". The prosthesis reference, however, is identified on the basis of measures taken on the chest of the patient, then compared with the basic measures and the projection of the various prostheses. To get a really beautiful and natural results is essential to remain in the range indicated by the preoperative measurements and tests performed with the patient in the course of visits before surgery. Only a surgeon specializing in plastic surgery can guarantee maximum safety, efficiency and success of the entire procedure therefore always check who you rely before undergoing a plastic surgery!

Infiltration of filler
The infiltration of fillers are treatments to deal with due seriousness and the right information, distancing from the diminutive "pinprick" that often confuses and misleads and performing that procedure only with medical specialists. The first step toward a safe and effective treatment is to ask your doctor what is the procedure, what are the possible side effects, what substance is being injected and by whom it was produced. These data are critical because the safety and quality of any substance that is injected into our body can not under any circumstances take second place. Therefore, it must absolutely be wary of any "promotions" or clearance sales that actually could hide the ultilizzo of poor quality products or even next to the expiration date! The hyaluronic acid fillers are among the most performed in the world and when well executed by experienced and honest professionals the risk of complications is very low and the effect can be extremely satisfying without in any way risk getting unnatural and artificial treatments results . Please consult a specialist in plastic and take care of your health surgery along with your beauty!

Dr. Mojo is Scientific Coordinator Syneron Candela Italy
Thanks to technology eTwo you can treat : acne scars , fractional resurfacing , stretch marks and wrinkles . The benefits are visible and treatment rates are fast . Safe and effective for all skin types . Dr. Mojo is Scientific Coordinator Syneron Candela Italy.

Saturday, February 6, 2016 / h : 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
At ASPEM - School of Aesthetic Medicine
Via Rivoltana,35 - Pioltello (MI)
Workshop toning , cellulite and stretch marks : The technological solutions to serve the body imperfections.
Faculty: Dott.ssa Maria Grazia Moio - Monica Razzano

Latest innovation for a more beautiful and natural breasts : come the New prosthetic " ergonomic " Smart and hyper
Introduced on the European market by a few months by 'motivates company, they are already having a tremendous success: arriving from the United States ergonomic implants that combine the naturalness of the anatomical results with the guarantee and security of the round. Thanks to the unique properties of the gel that fills in fact, these prostheses seemingly round, standing assume a conformation "drop by" making the breast extremely soft and natural. This, however, without the danger of "rotation" which, especially in the sports patients, constituted a limit to the use of implants of anatomical shape. Another feature of these implants is that they are less rough classic textured, have a coating called BluSeal® which helps to reduce bleeding and decreases the likelihood of post-operative infection (one of the possible causes of capsular contracture). Consistency seems almost velvety to the touch and the end result is a soft breast and d very natural. The ergonomic prostheses are also equipped in their interior "recognition card" very modern: it is in fact a microchip that allows the identification also from the outside to ensure maximum safety to the patient. The evolution of forms and materials makes the breast augmentation surgery more safe and suitable for all the wishes and expectations of every woman!

Genetic testing: a comprehensive approach to Your Health
The latest innovation in the approach of modern preventive medicine, genetic testing allows, through a simple swab of saliva, to study the profile of their DNA to personalize treatment approaches more correct to ensure a complete physical and mental wellbeing. With GENOTEST you can identify the metabolic and nutritional related to the development of obesity and food allergies, the type of physical activity that best fits your body, the predisposition to oncological diseases, cardiology and neurodegenerative diseases. This allows you to improve your lifestyle by adapting to the characteristics of the organism to reduce the likelihood of becoming ill and live long in a healthy way. As part of a global vision of the concept of HEALTH these tests are flanked to the work of plastic surgeon who takes care of his patient 360 degrees. Available at the offices of Dr. Mojo. Contact us to learn more.

Liposculpture muscle: a technique in surgery and art
Liposculpture muscle is a modern surgical technique, extremely innovative, that Dr. Mojo imported from Latin America where the care of the body goes hand in hand with the pursuit of perfection. Using special laser technologies and aspiration of the more superficial layers of fat located at the grooves muscle, this technique allows the body to reshape the profile of the abdominal muscles, biceps, triceps, chest and buttocks. In patients who are well prepared the aesthetic result is surprising, allowing you to get an athletic, sculpted no need to spend hours and hours in the gym to train. Contact us to learn more and to find out if you may be a good candidate for this type of surgery.

Surgical reduction of the buccal fat pad: the shadow of beauty
The buccal fat pad is a deposit of fat present in the lower portion of the cheek that can grow in conditions of overweight or be present in thin patients or normal weight with a special shape "round" of the face. The fee aesthetic ideal of a young and beautiful face provides a triangular configuration of volumes with a slight shadow in the lower cheek. The reduction surgery buccal fat pad has become very popular in recent years, especially in America and Brazil after many models and actresses they said they seat has undergone this process. Dr. Mojo's got to learn this new technique during his stay in Brazil, where it is estimated that this intervention is now among the numerically most solicited. The process is extremely quick and minimally invasive being able to achieve local anesthesia and requiring about 20 minutes. The result is surprising: With little change, simply by reducing the overhang of the bottom dele cheeks to create the shadow of beauty, his face takes on a new light and a pleasant harmony that enhances the natural volumes placing them in the right proportions. Contact us to learn more.